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Grow a Sustainable High-Performance Team

Get access to the free ‘Quick Start Guide’ to Grow a Sustainable High-Performance Team. If you are ready to develop your team, you have everything you need to get started. I take responsibility for the order of the activities in the guide. I will guide you through the process with very specific steps including how to follow up and integrate into daily work.

This guide is for you…

  • Who believes your team can create even better results together, if you had the right tools
  • Who thinks that when you are SO smart individually, you should be able to create awesome results together
  • Who thinks, that you sometimes don´t focus on the right tasks, but on the first e-mails in your inbox!
  • Who wants to create behavioral CHANGE and execute on a high level
  • Who believe, that work should be ‘fun’ and meaningful, even when you are busy, because you will always be busy!


The guide presents 4 steps and 5 specific exercises you can conduct with your team – maybe with help from a HR-person.

De 4 steps

  1. Build trust
  2. Define team behavior code
  3. Focus on the right things
  4. Integrate into your team meetings