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Would you like to grow a high-performance team? Do you have a feeling that you could achieve much more in your team, if you had the right toolbox? Well, high-performance teams are actually a rare thing. Two of the reasons are that we don´t really know how much value we can create together as a team and we don´t know HOW to work together in a rewarding, meaningful AND effective way. It is not because your team members are not smart. Maybe they are some of the smartest people you know, as individuals, but that does not necessarily translate into a high-performance team.

Some of the problems

The problems my customers are facing, when there is a lack of a strong WE, are

  • Employees, with good intention, who get in each other´s way
  • Teams that on paper look awesome but does not perform accordingly
  • The leader doesn’t know how to grow a high-performance team and don’t know where to get started
  • They ‘settle’ and become in doubt whether they have what it takes, because high performance teams are rare
  • Employees working on their ‘own stuff’

It doesn’t have to be like this. There are proven ways to grow a sustainable high performance team that consistently delivers outstanding results. In the following I will share the 4 critical elements to grow a sustainable high-performance team.

How can we transform a group of smart people into a sustainable high-performance team?

Gardening and high-performance teams

Building a sustainable high-performance team is a lot like gardening. To harvest the vegetables and to enjoy the view of your ornamental garden, you need to know a lot about many different areas, the order of your to-do list matters and different plants may need different care to grow or blossom. Finally, you will have to repeat the process over and over, but building a solid foundation is not wasted. I will share the program with you below, but before that, I will share some good news and bad news. Let´s go for the bad news first.


Bad news!

  • It is not ONE area, you need to work with. It is a series of areas that are related.
  • Some related to the individual members and some to the team as an entity. If you have a lot of building blocks (e.g. goal-setting, personal development and leadership development) that don’t work smoothly together, none of them will be effective (you should for example fertilize AFTER you plant the seeds!)
  • This is not for everyone! If your team members are not willing to invest themselves into the process and actually do the work, then there is really no point of beginning the journey (preparing the soil without harvesting, is not that much fun)
  • It takes time and effort!

Good news!

  • It is extremely rewarding and energizing to create results with other people
    A sustainable high-performance team based on trust can create stunning results AND have fun
  • Creating a strong WE (community) in a team reduces pressure on the I`s (individuals)
  • A sustainable high-performance team works with a clear direction and can redirect resources and actions towards their most important goals
  • A sustainable high-performance team knows what it takes to be productive and not distracted
  • A sustainable high-performance team acts with a high sense of meaningfulness and consciousness.

How to grow a sustainable high-performance team

Before you can enjoy your flowering garden, you need preparation, equipment, insights, motivation, self-discipline, patience, adjustment, feedback and much more. The program is designed to give you all these essential building blocks, so you feel well equipped to continue to grow your garden (and your team) after the program.

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1. Trust – Prepare the soil

The first part of the program is getting the basics right – preparing the soil. It consists of 2 primary activities:

#1 We will make an assessment of current team success/performance to ensure that progress can be measured. This assessment will be repeated at the end of the program.

#2 This first critical piece of the program is to build trust in daily conversations.

Illustration til fase 1 af bæredygtigt high-performance team

Why trust and daily conversations

Google performed a study of 180 teams to understand what elements were critical to grow high performance teams. They found 5 critical elements and 1 stood out more clearly than the others: ‘psychological safety’. Google found that teams with psychological safe environments had employees who were less likely to leave, more likely to harness the power of diversity, and ultimately, who were more successful. A psychological safe environment can be created through the daily conversations.

Your results are dependent on the quality of your culture. The quality of your culture is dependent on the quality of your relationships. The quality of your relationships is dependent on the quality of your conversations (source: Judith E. Glaser)

When the quality of daily conversations is increased, it will increase the value of everything else too. Therefore, we start here.

Module 1 content – Trust

Here you can see some of the areas we will cover through a 1½ – 2 days workshop. It does not have to be 2 days in a row.

  • Assessment of current team success/performance
  • Understand the brains pitfalls in communication
  • Learn to conduct high-trust, inspiring conversations based on neuroscience
  • You will learn the ‘Ladder of conclusions’ – what happens in the brain when you communicate
    • You will learn ‘The neuroscience of trust’ – how your brains chemistry and trust are related
    • You will learn ‘The Conversational Dashboard’ – how you can diagnose and move conversations from low trust to high trust
    • And more…
  • Anchor the new tools with a feedback loop in daily work
  • Uncover Team purpose and vision (with link to company goals and purpose


NB! The conversational tools work in all relationships, also at home!

If you want to see a complete workshop outline for this workshop, please request this by sending an e-mail to tina@leadinspire.dk (or use the contact form)

This 1½-2-day workshop on TRUST can be conducted without the following 3 steps.

2. Team Dynamics – Plant and Fertilize

This second part of the garden journey is critical to tap into team potential and to create a strong WE. The primary focus is to build common ground for team behavior and to understand and leverage individual influence on team. We will answer the question: “How do we need to be together to grow and deliver results?”

Illustration af fase 2 af BHPT

Why Team Dynamics

The google study showed more interesting findings than psychological safety and you will find that the main findings from the Google study are included in this program. I have listed their key findings below and links to the relevant steps/modules in the program. You will also see that their findings are a combination of individual and team focus areas. This will be further explored in module #2.

The 5 essential elements from the Google study of 180 teams are as follows:

1. Dependability (see step #3) : Team members get things done on time and meet expectations
2. Structure and clarity (see step #3): High-performance teams have clear goals, and have well-defined roles within the group.
3. Meaning (see step #1 + #2): The work has personal significance to each member.
4. Impact (see step #1 + #2): The group believes their work is purposeful and positively impacts the greater good.
5. Psychological safety (see step #1 earlier above)


Module 2 content – Team Dynamics

Here are the areas we will work with in a 1½-2 day workshop. It does not have to be 2 days in a row.

  • Uncover and share current individual ‘Plant Care Instructions’ – What you should know about me to work with me! We work with the following categories, my style/talent, what I value, what I am not patient with, how to communicate with me, how to help me, what people often misunderstand about me and personal motivation. This is NOT a personality test as this will change over time and this is easier and more effective to apply in daily work.
  • Learn to understand and read the ‘team space/air’
  • Learn to uncover key team patterns and how to adjust
  • Learn team toxins and how to adjust (blaming, defensiveness, contempt and stone-walling)
  • Define ‘Gardening Ground Rules’ – How do we need to be together to deliver outstanding results and grow as a team

If you want to see a complete workshop outline for this workshop, please request this by sending an e-mail to tina@leadinspire.dk (or use the contact form)

This 1½-2-day workshop on TEAM DYNAMICS can be conducted without the following 3 steps.

3. High-Performance Toolbox – Harvest

The third part of the program is a productivity toolbox. It is time to get productive individually and as a team. To plan for success, execute effectively and harvest together, we need to stay on track, remove distractions, provide feedback and adjust on an ongoing basis. You will get game-changing tools to boost individual and team productivity. You will get a toolbox to maximize the yield of your vegetable garden.

Illustration af fase 3 af BHPT

Why productivity tools

As the Google study showed dependability (Team members get things done on time and meet expectations) and structure/clarity (high-performance teams have clear goals, and have well-defined roles within the group) are also critical to high-performance teams. Getting things done in a meaningful way is both fun, rewarding and very productive. The team will learn a complete system that covers the journey from vision, goal-setting to daily productivity. We will also learn to increase our self-control and reduce distractions.

Module 3 content – High-Performance Toolbox

Here are the areas we will work with in a 1½-2 day workshop. It is recommend to have 2 days in a row.

  • Learn how to work with goals in 3 months cycles
    • Team key deliverables
    • Individual deliverables
    • Link to corporate goals
  • Learn how to break goals into daily productivity
  • ‘Veggie yield evaluation’ – what value do team tasks/activities provide and how to integrate high-value tasks in daily work
  • Increase your container of self-control
  • Decrease your distractions and increase your focus
  • Learn to conduct a Learning Loop – look at performance and adjust accordingly
  • You will leave the workshop with a plan to execute the following 3 months.

If you want to see a complete workshop outline for this workshop, please request this by sending an e-mail to tina@leadinspire.dk (or use the contact form)

This 1½-2-day workshop on TEAM PRODUCTIVITY TOOLBOX can be conducted without the other 3 steps.

4. Boost – New garden plan

The fourth and last part of the program to grow a sustainable high-performance team is about integrating, enhancing and adjusting all your learnings in the program. To keep a blooming garden with a high yield over time, you need to constantly focus on the right things, talk about the right things in the right way and adjust and fine-tune for future achievements. It is time to enjoy the view of the ornamental garden and to plan for next year’s gardening adventures.

Illustration af fase 4 af BHPT

Why harvest, integrate and enjoy!

This last piece is very critical to long-term success. If you want to capitalize and enjoy a high-performance over time, you can build a learning loop into daily work. What do we do, when new colleagues enters the team? How do we adjust our behavior to new challenges and new goals? How do we change directions when our priorities change? It is NOT meaningful to repeat the same work over and over again. This module will help you build that learning loop into daily work and meetings.

Module 4 content – Boost

Here are the areas we will work with in a 1½-2 day workshop. It does not have to be 2 days in a row.

  • Smart Meetings toolbox. The Smart Meetings toolbox will give you the tools to integrate your learnings in your meetings. It will help you stay on track with goals, facilitate creative conversations through multiple conversational strategies and integrated a feedback loop.
  • Evaluate quality of communication and behavior + plan for adjustment
  • Evaluate and refine ‘Gardening Ground Rules’ and ‘Plant Care Instructions’
  • Make a plan for future adventures. Set the goals for the next 3 months
  • Define an on-boarding process for team members
  • We will make an assessment of current team success/performance to evaluate progress (this was also conducted during or before module #1)
  • Create a yearly evaluation cycle to ensure ongoing focus on all the critical building blocks to grow a sustainable high-performance team.


If you want to see a complete workshop outline for this workshop, please request this by sending an e-mail to tina@leadinspire.dk (or use the contact form)

This 1½-2-day workshop on HARVEST, INTEGRATE AND ENJOY does not make sense to conduct without at least one of the other 3 steps.

How Leadinspire works

  • Leadinspire will be your coach and mentor on your journey towards a sustainable high-performance team/company
    The program consists of four 1½-2-day workshops that should be conducted with some time in between. E.g. one workshop every quarter or every 2 months
  • Leadinspire will help you create pre-program communication to team members
  • Leadinspire will help linking this program to your company’s wordings and current initiatives
  • Leadinspire will ensure that some of your ‘own stuff’, can be integrated into the program
  • Leadinspire will ensure that the pace of the program works with your workload and attention span
  • Leadinspire is committed to help you actually IMPLEMENT the strategies, not just INSPIRE you to do something different
  • Step 1,2, 3 and parts of step 4 can be conducted separately, if you don’t want to commit to the entire program.

Results you can expect…..

✓ A sustainable high-performance team based on trust
✓ You can feel comfortable that you will implement the right building blocks in the right order to actually grow a sustainable high-performance team.
✓ The quality of your results will be 100% dependent of your ability and willingness to implement. Leadinspire will commit to support and coach all the way
✓ A constant clear direction and ability to re-direct resources and actions towards the most current goals
✓ A feeling of team-spirit and sense-of belonging to something important
✓ The team members would find it difficult to leave the team, as these sustainable high-performance team conditions are rare.
✓ Team members feel important and valued

Why now?

Well, there is no such thing as perfect timing, but there is a lot of joy and excitement when you ‘look forward to’ something. Do you recall how you looked forward to your last big vacation? This is how it feels to look forward to something special and you can give your team this feeling. Let´s get started now and craft a plan to move your team towards a sustainable high-performance team. It will not happen overnight, but you can feel comfortable that you are on the right track with the right plan.

Why Leadinspire?

Maybe you have meet me at a workshop or one of my many speaking engagements and then you probably know already if we are a good fit. I love to work with smart people and help them to engage in effective and meaningful relationships at work. I have received more than 500 hours of training in neuroscience, trust, behavior and high performance and I have conducted more than 1000 hours of direct client work. This does not include speaking and self-study such as reading books.

The best feedback I get from my clients is:
• This is usable and easy to implement
• I can use this immediately
• Not academic and theoretical, but still founded in science.

If you are in doubt, lets meet and see if we would be a good match working together to grow a sustainable high-performance team.

If you want to see how another team has worked with this program. You can read a case study here: How a Global Finance team went from 3 to 6.4 in Team Success

How to get started?

If you feel ‘The 4 Gardening Principles’ is the right program for your team or organization to grow sustainable high-performance teams, let’s have a meeting. Give me a call on +45 22910391 or get in touch through the contact form below. I will get back to you quickly.

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