Meet Tina Gaarn Christensen, the red-headed (hardass) Dane Dame with the positively unimpressed attitude. She is greedy on life and relationships, aims high and gives back rivers of care and attention when she wants to. Her handbag holds equal amounts of support and challenge and she generously sprinkles needed dozes on people around her. She (mostly) get things done and don’t settle with average results.

Tina is fore Meet, Move and Meaning


Based on academic theory I create models/tools to make the theory alive. So, what should I as s leader do or say specifically. Inspiration is great, but not worth a whole lot, if you don’t apply it. I help you decide what to do on Monday.


Knowing how the brain works when learning new things, I try to avoid PowerPoints as they tend to take energy out of people. Instead I use flipcharts, colored cards, videos etc.

03. I respect your time

When I develop videos and training material, I always aim to get it short. You likely want to get to the solution fast. All my materials and videos are developed with time as your scarce resource in mind.

04. Everyone is included

I create space for all kinds of people, beliefs and opinions. I have a belief that no one’s opinion is valued higher than others and that it is possible to find common ground.


I am a PCC certified coach. PCC is the next-highest certification with ICF. ICF means International Coach Federation and you can read more about the organization below. This means amongst other things that I am committed to constantly educate myself, develop myself personally and follow ICF´s ethical guidelines.

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I am also certified in social- and emotional intelligence and Conversational Intelligence©


I provide smart people working in complex environments a complete set of building blocks to create a sustainable high-performance team

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