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What if your colleague was a golden shovel
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Team Mastery

My book What if your colleague was a golden shovel? A guide to community, focus and trustful teams is written to challenge the way most companies work with and create results through and with people.  In my perspective we are not critical enough towards what most companies do with little effect. Here I talk about the use of personality tests, use of reorganizations and company values. All 3 topics are explained in detail in my book that for now is only available in Danish. In the book and on this website, I present alternatives that have a very high probability of creating good results. Including the use of systems theory, which is also a supporting element in successful self-managing groups and distributed leadership.

Program: Team Mastery

Team Mastery is a four module program with tools to create a high-performance team that can create extraordinary results and relationships. 

Team Mastery program


With high trust you can do anything. With little or no trust you can do almost nothing.  —  How to get more trust in the team.

Team Dynamic

Focus on team behavior, a strong WE, roles and how to use each others resources and competencies in a smart and including way

Time Mastery

Focus on the right tasks, proper progress, more focus and less distractions. 

Level Up

Anchor learning from the previous modules. Great team meetings, onboarding of new employees and a plan for future learning. 

Hvad nu, hvis din kollega var en guldskovl af Tina Gaarn Christensen

What if your colleague was a golden shovel? 

I wrote the book What if your colleague was a golden shovel? A guide to community, focus and trustful teams is written to challenge some beliefs about how you can create great result and thriving employees. Based on neuroscience and systems theory the book present a way to create wanted behavior in the future workspace. 

My services

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Open courses

Together with Teknologisk institut and Montus Business Academy i offer open courses (in Danish) in Copenhagen and Aarhus

Speaking Leadinspire


Book an inspiring speaking event to you company, event or networking group. See the links for speaking topics. 

Online courses

See my long list of online courses. Most of my trainings are digitalized and the majority is available in English too.

Ikon leadinspire team mastery forløb

Program: Team Mastery

This program is for teams who wants to increase their performance and create extraordinary results together. 

Free downloads

Free downloads

Everything has a price – almost!
Here you can get free guides and learning for the price of your e-mail. Downloads are only in Danish.

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Want to know more about workshop, programs and different ways of working with Leadinspire. Find examples of workshops.


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