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Social- and emotional intelligence

Social and emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of our own and others’ feelings – in the moment – and use that information to lead yourself and others (Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence).

Through his studies psychologist and author Daniel Goleman found that emotional intelligence (EI) approximately mean twice as much as your IQ in an ordinary job. For leaders 85% of their results is related to EI, while only 15% of the results origins from the IQ.

It does not mean that your IQ is not important; it can be considered the ticket to the show of success.

Social and emotional intelligence consists of four elements, which can be categorized into personal and social skills.

The personal competencies (emotional intelligence) determine how we manage ourselves and consist of:

1. Self-awareness – knowing your internal states, preferences, resources and intuitions.

2. Self-management – managing one’s internal states, impulses and resources.


The social competencies determine how we handle relationships and consist of:

3. Social awareness – awareness of others’ feelings, needs and concerns.

4. Social skills / relationship management – ability to create desirable responses in others.

See the 26 behavioral competencies in the figure below.




Social- and emotional intelligence can be developed

The good news is you can increase your social and emotional intelligence.

By becoming aware of the areas where your SI + EI is low, you can begin to increase your social and emotional intelligence. You can do this e.g. by getting feedback from colleagues or a coach and by practicing in areas where your skills could be improved. You can often use your strengths as a lever for your improvement areas.


How to develop social- and emotional intelligence

When you want to train your social and emotional intelligence (SI + EI) it’s important to focus on the right part of the brain. SI + EI occur mainly in the brain’s limbic system, which controls emotions, impulses and urges. Research indicates that the limbic system learns best through motivation, training and feedback.

Therefore, it is crucial that you learn to break old habits and establish new ones, which requires time, sustained focus and exercise. Using a variety of coaching tools can however speed up the process, but it also requires a strong personal commitment.



Test your social and emotional intelligence

In Leadinspire you can get an assessment of your social- and emotional intelligence. The test is based on Daniel Coleman’s study and developed by the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence. It is used by 75% of Fortune 500 companies and tests both the social and emotional intelligence. Read more about the test and the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence here.

You will be tested in 26 competencies within the four categories mentioned above and the test can be performed either as a self-evaluation or as a 360-degree test. Write to tina@leadinspire.dk to receive a preview of the results of a test which is a 41 page report. The test and the report are in English.

The test costs DKK 2997,- (+ VAT) INCLUDING read back of the results.

For each of the 26 competencies, you get tools that can help you increase your social and emotional intelligence.



Increase your social and emotional intelligence and become the best leader!

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